Sunday, 15 April 2012

1: Virtual vs E-learning

Hello everyone. I will discuss about virtual and electronic learning. Have you heard about this before? I believe that some of you know well about this but for those who did not have any idea about this, do not worry because I will provide benefit information for you.

What is virtual learning?
In my own understanding, virtual learning is a virtual classroom that allows interaction between lecturers and students connected via network technology. All the learning input to be deliver including notes, assignments, tests and many more that are related will be provided through the Web. Students will only need to log into a specific site available to get the input and they also can download it for subsequent use.

Definition of E-learning

An education or learning through the Internet, network and stand-alone computer that utilizes electronic applications and technology. This is computer-based learning, Web, virtual classrooms and digital devices. The information to be communicated is through the internet, intranet, extra net, satellite or CD-ROM.

Virtual learning
* Possibility of individual's focus to be drift away from concept discussed is very high. This is because their focus will be disturbed by users or other students who also interact in cyberspace.
* Concepts of face-to-face interaction will be missing. Besides, to motivate students to work online is something that takes time.

* Learners need to access to a computer as well as the Internet. They also required the computer skills with programs such as word processing, Internet browsers, e-mail and so on. Generally, not all in a class experts about computer and technology applications.So, without these skills and software it is not possible for the learners to succeed in e-Learning.
* Students have to be highly motivated and responsible because all the work they do is on their own desire. The time management to complete all the tasks is very important.

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Online learning are considered more easy and quickly method to deliver information. Does this learning method is very effective and efficient to be implemented for future generations? Please give your opinion. Thank you for spending time to give comments.


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  1. Its a new trend for learning that might bring our own nation in line with our vision 2020..:D