Thursday, 19 April 2012

4: Information Sharing

Next, we will move on to another topic which is Information Sharing. The definition is the exchange of data between various organizations, people and technologies. There are several types of information sharing which are by individuals, organizations and shared between firmware or software. The examples are Youtube, Social Networking, Google, Drop box application and Class activity.

According to Wikipedia, " Youtube is a free video sharing website that allows people upload, view and share any videos.
                        This is an example of short education video that has been uploaded in YouTube. 

Despite of the education videos, users can relax their mind by enjoy other interesting videos. One of them is song videos.

Scenario: YouTube has become one of the platform in sharing information which is very popular and become the preferred among cyber users. However, it is seen as a threat to some people because some of the videos that is not useful and not suitable for all ages can be shown to the public. The growing child genius today is feared in this problem. What are your recommendations to handle this serious issue? Respond in comments box below. Thank you.

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  1. from my point of view, it is depends on one's perception and way of using the youtube. youtube don't solely provide unbeneficial things, but it is also fulls with many knowledge and good input.