Thursday, 19 April 2012

3: Online Communication

For this entry, I will provide information about online communication consist of two ways which are synchronous and asynchronous communication. Hope my explanation will give all of you a flawless view about this topic.

What is Synchronous Communication?
Based on what I've learned, Synchronous Communication is one that occurs in real time independent of location such as chat, instant messaging or video conference. It may be done simply through text exchange or include an audio and video component. In synchronous communication, all participants are present at the same time although they do not necessarily have to be in the same location.

Asynchronous Communication
As for Asynchronous Communication, it does not require that all parties involved in the communication need to be present and available at the same time. For examples include e-mail (the receiver does not have to be logged on when the sender sends the e-mail message), discussion boards, which allow conversations to evolve and community to develop over a period of time also text messaging over cell phones.

Online communication is a method that was pioneered in today's society because it is more convenient, economical and fast. As for my personal view, this method is not suitable to be used in learning although it owns lot of advantages. The reason is, students will be prone to vain things that are easily accessible on the Internet and may be able to isolate them with the real world. Plus,people will become too dependent on technology. Are you on my side? Please drop some comments on this matter. Thank you.

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