Thursday, 19 April 2012

5: Cyberlanguage: Features and Implication

For your information we are going to discuss the last topic that is Cyber language. Do you know anything related to this topic? Here are the useful information that I have arranged for you to be referred.

Definition : Cyber language
The Net language or terms that have not been updated in traditional dictionaries, which are used by the majority of people now in the media or at work to save time. They will use these languages in their daily communication or interaction especially when they are online, sending message, e-mail and so on.

Examples of Cyber language 

Scenario: The usage of cyber language become familiar day by day and have been used by all ages. I believe that Cyber language can influence, give bad impact to the actual language and can lead to other problems. For examples, misunderstanding and miscommunication between two side will be occurred. Other than that, the correct spelling for certain words will be wrong because people always use short form words. What say you? Share your opinions or explanation in the comments box below. Thank you.


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  1. in my opinion, we cannot say no that cyber language has been a lifestyle nowadays. it is simpler than the actual language. however, one's should not be too obsess with the cyber language because it might eradicate the actual language and therefore lead to miscommunication.