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5: Cyberlanguage: Features and Implication

For your information we are going to discuss the last topic that is Cyber language. Do you know anything related to this topic? Here are the useful information that I have arranged for you to be referred.

Definition : Cyber language
The Net language or terms that have not been updated in traditional dictionaries, which are used by the majority of people now in the media or at work to save time. They will use these languages in their daily communication or interaction especially when they are online, sending message, e-mail and so on.

Examples of Cyber language 

Scenario: The usage of cyber language become familiar day by day and have been used by all ages. I believe that Cyber language can influence, give bad impact to the actual language and can lead to other problems. For examples, misunderstanding and miscommunication between two side will be occurred. Other than that, the correct spelling for certain words will be wrong because people always use short form words. What say you? Share your opinions or explanation in the comments box below. Thank you.


4: Information Sharing

Next, we will move on to another topic which is Information Sharing. The definition is the exchange of data between various organizations, people and technologies. There are several types of information sharing which are by individuals, organizations and shared between firmware or software. The examples are Youtube, Social Networking, Google, Drop box application and Class activity.

According to Wikipedia, " Youtube is a free video sharing website that allows people upload, view and share any videos.
                        This is an example of short education video that has been uploaded in YouTube. 

Despite of the education videos, users can relax their mind by enjoy other interesting videos. One of them is song videos.

Scenario: YouTube has become one of the platform in sharing information which is very popular and become the preferred among cyber users. However, it is seen as a threat to some people because some of the videos that is not useful and not suitable for all ages can be shown to the public. The growing child genius today is feared in this problem. What are your recommendations to handle this serious issue? Respond in comments box below. Thank you.

3: Online Communication

For this entry, I will provide information about online communication consist of two ways which are synchronous and asynchronous communication. Hope my explanation will give all of you a flawless view about this topic.

What is Synchronous Communication?
Based on what I've learned, Synchronous Communication is one that occurs in real time independent of location such as chat, instant messaging or video conference. It may be done simply through text exchange or include an audio and video component. In synchronous communication, all participants are present at the same time although they do not necessarily have to be in the same location.

Asynchronous Communication
As for Asynchronous Communication, it does not require that all parties involved in the communication need to be present and available at the same time. For examples include e-mail (the receiver does not have to be logged on when the sender sends the e-mail message), discussion boards, which allow conversations to evolve and community to develop over a period of time also text messaging over cell phones.

Online communication is a method that was pioneered in today's society because it is more convenient, economical and fast. As for my personal view, this method is not suitable to be used in learning although it owns lot of advantages. The reason is, students will be prone to vain things that are easily accessible on the Internet and may be able to isolate them with the real world. Plus,people will become too dependent on technology. Are you on my side? Please drop some comments on this matter. Thank you.

2: Browsing Strategies

 How do you surf internet? Did you ever know about browsing strategies with easily and accurately? Let's read together a very useful information  which I have focused  more on the search engines.

Search Engines
Can be defined as programs that enable users to search for documents by specified keywords on the World Wide Web and returns a list of the documents where the keywords were found. 
There are lots of search engines available out there and can be categorized into groups depends on how they work. As for examples are Google, Bing,Yahoo!, Mozilla, Shopzilla and many more.
  • Google is the leading search engine among internet users today. This is because it is very good in providing the information required by the users all around the world.
  • Shopzilla is a price comparison service which founded in June 1996. The original name is and has been changed to Shopzilla November 2004. The main mission is to enable shoppers to find, compare, buy and sold anything by virtually anyone in anywhere.
  • As for the users who are looking for a job, they need to use job search engines. One of the job search engines is
 I hope the information provided can improve your knowledge and exposed you to use it for the next.

Scenario: Since Google is a major choice of search engine among internet users nowadays, what would happen if the Google site was closed and what would be the most suitable search engine to replace it? Please give your personal opinion regarding this issue.


Sunday, 15 April 2012

1: Virtual vs E-learning

Hello everyone. I will discuss about virtual and electronic learning. Have you heard about this before? I believe that some of you know well about this but for those who did not have any idea about this, do not worry because I will provide benefit information for you.

What is virtual learning?
In my own understanding, virtual learning is a virtual classroom that allows interaction between lecturers and students connected via network technology. All the learning input to be deliver including notes, assignments, tests and many more that are related will be provided through the Web. Students will only need to log into a specific site available to get the input and they also can download it for subsequent use.

Definition of E-learning

An education or learning through the Internet, network and stand-alone computer that utilizes electronic applications and technology. This is computer-based learning, Web, virtual classrooms and digital devices. The information to be communicated is through the internet, intranet, extra net, satellite or CD-ROM.

Virtual learning
* Possibility of individual's focus to be drift away from concept discussed is very high. This is because their focus will be disturbed by users or other students who also interact in cyberspace.
* Concepts of face-to-face interaction will be missing. Besides, to motivate students to work online is something that takes time.

* Learners need to access to a computer as well as the Internet. They also required the computer skills with programs such as word processing, Internet browsers, e-mail and so on. Generally, not all in a class experts about computer and technology applications.So, without these skills and software it is not possible for the learners to succeed in e-Learning.
* Students have to be highly motivated and responsible because all the work they do is on their own desire. The time management to complete all the tasks is very important.

For more information, please click at :

Online learning are considered more easy and quickly method to deliver information. Does this learning method is very effective and efficient to be implemented for future generations? Please give your opinion. Thank you for spending time to give comments.


Monday, 19 March 2012

short introduction

Assalamualaikum all! finally i have my own blog which i never have it before because i'm worried i will neglecting it because sometimes i did not know how to manage my time wisely :) so, of course if i have a blog before, it must be an outdated and bleak blog with no current news or story updated! For your information, this is for educational purpose actually, so lets read to gain and add information.

 This blog is specially created to implement my assignment in Digital & Mobile Communication which is taught by Miss Norul Ashikin bt Abu Kasim. Plus, I want to encourage the readers to gain knowledge about what I've learned which is E-Learning. It means this blog is just for educational purpose only, enjoy and hopefully you will gain some knowledge here!=)