Thursday, 19 April 2012

2: Browsing Strategies

 How do you surf internet? Did you ever know about browsing strategies with easily and accurately? Let's read together a very useful information  which I have focused  more on the search engines.

Search Engines
Can be defined as programs that enable users to search for documents by specified keywords on the World Wide Web and returns a list of the documents where the keywords were found. 
There are lots of search engines available out there and can be categorized into groups depends on how they work. As for examples are Google, Bing,Yahoo!, Mozilla, Shopzilla and many more.
  • Google is the leading search engine among internet users today. This is because it is very good in providing the information required by the users all around the world.
  • Shopzilla is a price comparison service which founded in June 1996. The original name is and has been changed to Shopzilla November 2004. The main mission is to enable shoppers to find, compare, buy and sold anything by virtually anyone in anywhere.
  • As for the users who are looking for a job, they need to use job search engines. One of the job search engines is
 I hope the information provided can improve your knowledge and exposed you to use it for the next.

Scenario: Since Google is a major choice of search engine among internet users nowadays, what would happen if the Google site was closed and what would be the most suitable search engine to replace it? Please give your personal opinion regarding this issue.


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